We are an accredited home care service providers. This demonstrates our professionalism and confirms our commitment to providing a high standard of home care service.

Being Accredited means, as a home health care organization, we show we are committed to providing you with the best quality care.

How Accreditation Works

We continue to identify what we do well and where we could do better, and make improvements based on the results. Peer reviewers, called surveyors, visit our organization regularly to evaluate the extent to which we are meeting the standards, share their expertise, and make recommendations.

Once the site audit is complete, the results are evaluated to determine whether the organization will be accredited, and provides an accreditation report that identifies strengths and areas for improvement. The organization uses the report to create and implement action plans, continuing the cycle of ongoing quality improvement.

What it means to you

Being Accredited means that our organization has chosen a third party peer review program to help us pursue excellence, improve our performance, and guide our ongoing quality and safety initiatives. We do so, both as a mark of pride and as a way to create a strong and sustainable focus on our quality and safety.

The system-wide standards address governance, leadership, infection prevention and control, and medication management, topics that are important in all home health care organizations, no matter what service is being provided. In addition to the system-wide standards, it ensures that our organization uses service excellence standards that address specific types of services and conditions to ensure client safety in our service delivery.
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